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The making of Sugarplum Candy Co.

It all started with Monica, the founder of Sugarplum Candy Co.

Her decision to start a freeze-drying candy company stemmed from her passion for creating unique and delicious treats.

Monica's Aha Moment: The Benefits of Freeze Drying

She discovered that freeze-drying candy has a multitude of advantages. These include removing moisture to prolong shelf life, enhanced flavor, and reducing its weight. Additionally, this preservation method is more efficient than traditional methods like canning or drying.

Her Venture into Freeze Dried Candy Making

Her love for freeze dried candy was ignited by a single bite. The unique texture and flavor of the treat sparked her interest, leading her to conduct research and experiment.

The Swift Rise and Craze of Monica's Freeze Dried Candies

After perfecting her methods, Monica started selling her freeze dried candy, which soon gained immense popularity.

Why a fairy?

Our choice of a fairy as our emblem is largely due to its connection to wonder, enchantment, and joy. Their playful nature captures the fun and playful spirit of our candy.

The wings symbolize the light and airy texture we love and reflect the magical and whimsical qualities we offer at Sugarplum.

Love, Sugarplum

We want to thank you for taking the time to browse through our selection of delicious freeze dried candies. We hope you found something that piqued your interest and satisfied your sweet tooth. Have an amazing day!